Renting vs. Buying a Home, What’s the Difference?

Have you asked yourself, “why am I renting?†Would you rather own your own home? Buying a home is the most significant financial investment we make in our lives. It’s a huge investment, and we understand that it can be intimidating. Buying your own home in Park Circle is easier than you think.


All about you

First things first—the best thing about owning a home? It’s yours. Your décor will never be micromanaged by a landlord. You want to paint the ceiling blue? Go for it. The appliances? Those are yours, too. And with a new home, those appliances are brand new. No remnants of dryer lint left by previous tenants. New home smells, only! And don’t forget the customization factor—our homebuilders offer many options for flexible spaces, cabinetry, finishes, and more. Personalize your new home the way you want—in ways that best suit your lifestyle—before you move in.


A personal investment

Your new home is an investment in yourself. Did someone tell you it’s cheaper to rent? Because we’ve heard that one before, and it’s not that simple. When you pay a mortgage, you’re paying down the cost of your home—meanwhile, you’re also building equity  as the value of the home typically increases over time. That may allow for more funds for a future move up, college tuition for the kids, or help towards retirement. And there are certain income tax advantages you can take which reduces the effective cost of the house which you can’t use when renting a home. When you rent, your landlord is the one profiting. Plus, a monthly mortgage payment can be a fixed amount, while rent can go up any time. (Not to mention, a landlord can choose to sell their property—or stop renting it—leaving you with no option except moving out.)

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Outdoor space

Having your own outdoor space has become more important than ever. When you want to “get out†and “stay home†at the same time, there is nothing quite like having a private backyard. Tend to your herb garden or read a book on the porch. And if you want to spread out even more, Park Circle has you covered (literally) with plenty of shaded picnic areas, grassy parks (for kiddos and dogs alike), play structures, pathways, and acres of outdoor space to explore.


New home, no worries

Due to a lack of inventory, today’s resale market is full of bidding wars—back-and-forth competitive offers from multiple buyers, which inevitably ends in a selling price that is substantially more than what the seller was initially asking. When you purchase a new construction home, you won’t be competing with other buyers to see who can pay the most for the home. The homebuilder establishes a fixed price that you know up front. In addition, new home construction means your home is equipped with the latest technology and innovative design. Our prestigious family of builders is top-notch. And every home comes with a new home warranty, covering all permanent fixtures of the home.

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Now is the time

So, why wait? Interest rates are currently at a record low. Park Circle offers a variety of homes from six homebuilders with a wide range of ways to customize your home to make it your own. Find the perfect home for you and your family. Search our home collection online or tour our models in person today!