Introducing Summer by Shea Homes—the quintessential cottage

We’ve got exciting new details to spill! Here’s the who, the how, and the why of our very first neighborhood, Summer by Shea Homes.

San Diego homes designed with YOU in mind

Less maintenance. More usable space. Open concepts let YOU decide how and when to spread out or cozy up. Aptly named, the Summer collection embraces sunshine—abundant windows and sliding doors flood rooms with natural light. Wake up with the sun, ditch the desk lamp, or simply indulge in your favorite book, surrounded by warm rays of Valley Center sunsets. Plus, that upstairs laundry means less work for you! Your home should bring you comfort, and Shea’s commitment to using energy efficient materials and fixtures ensures that you’ll have less to worry about in today’s complex environment.

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Made for Park Circle

These cottage home designs were created just for our community. We have meticulously surveyed the area to help us learn exactly what home shoppers are looking for. Do you often find cottage-style homes with 4 full bedrooms, including one on the ground floor? We didn’t think so—but we know you can find that home here—with spaces made for your visiting BFF, your in-laws, your office, and yes—even yourself.

A blue light is shining on the black background.

Your favorite place

The main living area of your home is not just a giant box. This is the hub of your family’s life. This is where you gather for cake and presents, where you unwind with a glass (or bottle) of wine after a long day, where you come together to watch everything from breaking news to the big game. More time is spent in the kitchen, dining, and great room areas than the rest of the home, so Shea has thoughtfully crafted these areas to be flexible and purposeful, just like your life.

A blue light is shining on the black background.

Designed for the times

In today’s world, we find ourselves converting our rooms for our convenience on the regular. The dining room goes from breakfast nook to remote classroom and back to dining again. And the couch? Well, sometimes it’s actually the office. You know how it goes. Shea’s cottages are intentionally built for this age of adaptation, to help keep you comfortable and safe at home.

We spoke with Shea Homes architect, Michael Stone, for a window into their process and to learn why they do what they do.

Q. How does it feel to come back after a home you designed has been built, and to see people living life and making memories?

A. That is part of the reason that we choose to design homes. Designing a home gives you a vastly different connection to people and the interaction that architecture can have on their everyday life when compared to office buildings, schools, or that “show stopper†architecture on the civic scale (museums, city buildings, sky scrapers, etc.). Coming back to a house that you designed and seeing it turn into a place that people have made uniquely theirs, into a place they call “home,†is something special. Knowing that you had some part in putting a smile on their face when they purchased a new home gives us a reason to keep doing what we do—creating the “wow†factor in a new home experience for as many people as we can.

Q. Why did you want to become an architect?

A. I have been around the building industry pretty much my whole life with my grandfather being a civil engineer and my dad involved in the design-build construction world. After having the exposure to the building process at a young age, I was always curious about the aspect of deciding what pieces would go together and where on the front end. Toss in a desire to create something with one’s own two hands and an appeal towards drawing with a touch of art and creativity thrown in the mix, and architecture seems to be the perfect fit. I have the chance to do one or all of those things on an everyday basis, so I feel like I made the right choice.

Q. What’s your process for coming up with a design?

A. When designing different homes for a community, the process always starts with understanding who the potential and future homebuyer might be. What the lot size is to work with, and what does the home size need to be? How many bedrooms, baths, or are there any other specific rooms that should be a part of this house? From there, it’s usually pulling out some sketch paper and just starting to play around with how rooms should be arranged. Are there any particular views or site orientation that should be considered in placing certain spaces? It sort of becomes a puzzle in determining what pieces go were, I start to see things fit together in my head and then they all just start to fall together on paper—with a few rounds of refinement from start to finish. ☺ï¸

Get in on the ground floor

This collection of cottages from will range from 1,733 to 2,055 square feet with 3 – 4 bedrooms and 2.5 – 3 baths, with open floor plans and flexible spaces that really pack a punch. Pricing for Summer by Shea Homes is expected to start in the high $400,000s. Be sure to sign up on our interest list to be the first to know when these cottages will be for sale!