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We have a historyfuture together.

Park Circle is located where the legendary Konyn Dairy farm once stood, land entrusted by one family to another, to all of ours.

The ancestral home of the Luiseño tribe, our special perch in Valley Center was first used for commercial agriculture in the 1870s; owners raised cattle and other livestock, and grew their own oats and hay.

In 1933, the Roest Dairy opened for business—and what a booming business it was! By the late 1940s, dairy was the #1 agricultural

product in San Diego County. Then in 1971, the Konyns, originally from Holland with generations of experience in dairy, bought the property and operated through 2008. See some photos of the dairy from the Konyn family here!

Developed by the family-owned Touchstone Communities, Park Circle will open its doors in 2020. Our preserved open spaces, native trees, restored silos, and yes, even funky cow sculptures pay homage to our farmland history—or as we like to say it, #frompasturetopresent.